Five frequently asked questions when selling your home

FAQs for Estate Agents Bournville

Are you considering selling your house in Bournville? The process of selling a home can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the process.

As Independent estate agents in Bournville, Horton & Storey, understand the concerns that clients face when moving and have listed the top five questions we receive from our motivated clients.

What time of year should I sell my house?

The best time to sell your house depends on your personal circumstances and goals. While May is traditionally the peak month for transactions, it’s important to align your timeline with the sale of your home. Here’s a great article from the Home Owner’s Alliance.

How much will it cost me to sell my house?

The cost of selling a house depends on its value and can include estate agent fees (ranging from 0.5% to 3%), solicitors, stamp duty, and removal costs. Make decisions based on the value of services rather than their cost. For a handy calculator for you to narrow down the costs click here.

Should I make repairs before selling my property?

Estate agents usually recommend making repairs and enhancements to increase your home’s marketability. However, it’s important to consider what a surveyor might discover. Horton & Storey has a video on preparing your home for survey, which can help reduce the risks of a sale falling through. More advice here.

What should I do if my house sale falls through?

A sale falling through can be caused by communication, information, or motivation issues. It’s best to analyse why the sale fell through and rectify the issue to prevent it from happening again. Horton & Storey has a systematic approach to minimize these risks.

Should I be present during viewings?

No, it’s best not to be present during viewings. Estate agents in Bournville need to extract open and honest feedback from potential buyers, which is difficult to do when the current owners are present.

Still undecided?

If you have worries about moving this year, email Horton & Storey at to request their free advice series for downsizers and families looking to move in 2023. Selling a house can be a daunting task, but as estate agents in Bournville, Horton & Storey, are here to help. Contact us for any questions or concerns about selling your home.

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I recently purchased a property through Horton & Storey. Justyn and Emma were very approachable throughout, ensured I was kept up to date with any relevant information. Thank you all at H&S

Horton and Storey were the agent we chose for selling our property and we were very pleased with them, from the first visit to the close of business, house sold! Always interested in our needs, and professional in assessment, advice, and service. We enjoyed their continued involvement throughout and are pleased to recommend them to all future sellers.

Having recently sold my property through Horton & Storey, I have only the highest praise for Justyn and' All The Team'....ALWAYS kept up to date.....ALWAYS returning any phone messages......ALWAYS remaining polite and professional even when I occasionally put them under a little pressure. Highly recommended.5 star service.

Having recently sold our property through Horton & Storey, i would highly recommend them to anybody looking for an Estate Agent. Professional and thorough throughout the process, we was always kept up to date at every stage. Excellent Service.

Sa Iq (Purchaser) Very friendly and professional estate agents. The nicest agents we dealt with in our search for a proper

Tom and Justyn at Horton & Storey are an absolute joy to work with. Their knowledge, experience and expertise from the start set us at ease and made the process from start to finish an awesome experience. I would definitely recommend them!