Moving home in Solihull? Check out Justyn’s 10 things to do.

Moving house in Solihull can be stressful, with so many things to remember and organise. While packing up your possessions is an obvious priority, several other important tasks, such as updating your address and contacting various service providers, need to be done. Here are ten things to do when you move house to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition.

10 Things to Do When You Move House in Solihull.

  1. Redirect your mail with Royal Mail: Ensure that your information is protected and identity theft is prevented by getting your mail redirected by Royal Mail. This temporary service will give you extra time to get organised. The fee starts at around £33.99 for three months if the property is within the UK and £120.99 overseas.
  2. Contact your insurance companies: Contact your insurance providers, including home, health, car, travel, and pet insurance companies. Update your details, and research switching your home insurance provider. You could get an up-to-date inventory list to inform your contents insurance and even see a reduction in insurance cost.
  3. Notify your utility providers: Take your final water, gas, and electricity meter readings before you move and notify your suppliers to avoid being billed for someone else’s usage. Depending on the account type, you may be charged for ending early, but some providers will allow you to move the deal to your new property.
  4. Update your information on the electoral roll: By updating your information on the electoral roll, you can ensure that you can vote in local and national elections at your new address. Registering at your new house can also help improve your credit score as it helps lenders check your information.
  5. Inform your children’s schools and universities: If you have children, update their new address with their school and pay tuition fees if they are in private schools or universities.
  6. Notify the local authority: Remember to inform the local authority that you’ve moved to register to pay council tax.
  7. Update your medical professionals: Notify your GP, dentist, optician and any other medical professionals about your change of address so they can update your records.
  8. Inform your bank: Notify your banks, building societies, insurance companies, pensions, and any other businesses that deal with your finances so they can update their records. Ensure you cancel any direct debits that are no longer required.
  9. Change your address for subscription services: Change the address for any recreational subscription services, such as the gym, Netflix, or magazine subscriptions.
  10. Notify your TV licensing company: Notify your TV licensing company of your change of address. This service is important if you have a television and live in a new house.

Moving can be overwhelming, but by completing these tasks, you can make the transition easier. Remember to redirect your mail and update your address with various service providers, insurance companies, schools, and medical professionals. This will help to ensure that you are prepared for your new life in your new home. If you’re looking for houses for sale in Solihull, remember to consider these important factors when moving.

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