What is Gazundering? Top preventative tips

At Horton & Senate, we understand the potential risks of gazundering and take a proactive approach to mitigate them.


As a homeowner, the prospect of being gazundered can be daunting. To avoid falling victim to this tactic, it’s essential to take the following steps:


Choose a chain-free buyer

When you have multiple interested parties, prioritize those not part of a chain. They are more likely to move quickly and won’t be burdened by additional costs or affordability issues that could lead to a lower offer.

Set a date for the exchange

As soon as possible, establish a target date for when you’ll aim to exchange contracts. This will keep all parties focused and motivated to move forward.

Move quickly

Stay in regular contact with your solicitor and agent, and ensure they are in touch with the buyer’s solicitor to ensure everything is progressing smoothly. Additionally, if possible, maintain open communication with the buyer to build a relationship and prevent them from resorting to underhanded tactics.

Be realistic about your price

Setting your house price too high increases the buyer’s chances of lowering their offer. Establish a fair price to avoid this from happening.

Get a good estate agent

A quality agent will know how to handle tricky buyers and keep the process on track to ensure a successful sale. You can see tips on how to choose HERE.

Be transparent

Don’t hide any problems with the property or the surrounding area. Being honest and upfront will prevent surprises later on and reduce the chances of the buyer lowering their offer or backing out.

Work out your finances

Even when a reasonable offer has been accepted, if you’re in a chain and need to move, calculate the lowest bid you would be willing to take. This will prepare you in case the buyer does reduce their offer, and you’ll know your bottom line.

Following these tips can mitigate the risk of gazundering and ensure a smooth and successful property sale.


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Justyn was amazing from start to finish. We purchased our home through Horton & Senate, Justyn was always available and was always the first person in the chain to have any information on progress. We would highly recommend Horton & Senate for an individual, informative and positive service.

I recently purchased a property through Horton & Senate. Justyn and Emma were very approachable throughout, ensured I was kept up to date with any relevant information. Thank you all at H&S!

Justyn, Emma and Casey were all instrumental in helping us find our first home and they were extremely responsive and supportive all along the way. I am gutted to have not had the opportunity to meet all of the team in person due to COVID but, from our correspondence over the phone, they are really lovely people. Whenever we needed to clarify or chase something, the team was always happy to chase up with the other parties in the chain and help push things along. They also responded to all of our queries consistently within a matter of hours and were also happy to meet our requests when bidding for the property. Working with Horton & Senate was a pleasure from start to finish. Thanks again from Alex & Sophie!

Horton & Senate were the agent we chose for selling our property and we were very pleased with them, from the first visit to the close of business, house sold! Always interested in our needs, and professional in assessment, advice and service. We enjoyed their continued involvement throughout and are pleased to recommend them to all future sellers.

Having recently sold my property through Horton & Senate, I have only the highest praise for Justyn and all the team....ALWAYS kept up to date.....ALWAYS returning any phone messages.....ALWAYS remaining polite and professional, even when I occasionally put them under a little pressure. Highly recommended – 5 star service.

Having recently sold our property through Horton & Senate, I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for an estate agent. Professional and thorough throughout the process, we were always kept up to date at every stage. Excellent service.

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